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Personal Coaching

We all know there is more in life then what we see in front of us.

Beyond the outer forms, beliefs, difficulties, challenges and money race we all face,

we comprehend that we are capable of immense Love and Kindness.

We have the capacity to share our Love and Wisdom and leave a legacy for all our future generations.

At Nature's Call we offer you the possibility to find your own link to the Source.

Through the Rhythm of Music during Dreamtime Healing or a Shamanic Journey you can connect

with your own Fire-Light body and meet again that Inner-Child. Find guidance in a Vision Quest.

Enjoy the Warmth, Love and close Contact with Mother Earth during a Sweatlodge Purification Ceremony.

Learn how to make a Ceremonial meal the old Inca way.

Different Meditation Methodes offer you total relaxation.

Express your Inner-Self and Manifest your Emotions in a Druming Circle, Singing Circle or Trance Dance.

Let us de-stress you with a Holistic Massage, Shamanic Massage or Ayurvedic Oil Massage.

If needed we can put you in the Healing Light and Energy of Usui Shiko Reiki or Munay-Ki / Nusta Karpay.

A private Sauna is also at your disposal.

Please contact us for more information.

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