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At Nature's Call we offer you the possibility to have a

strong Body and Mind purification.

The Sweatlodge or Inipi Ceremonie is the traditional way of purification

and connecting to our Source. In a low and total dark tent hot Stones are brought in and

placed in the middle. The Sweatlodge leader pours water over the glowing Stones saying prayers

and giving thanks. This Ceremony has four rounds, between each the Lodge is opened and new Stones

are brought in. Every round has a special meaning. Drumming and Chanting is allowed. This is a perfect

way to pay our Respect and Connect to the Elements, Ancestors, Guides, Mother Earth and All Related.

Native American Indians see the Sweatlodge as a returning to the Womb of our Mother.

The Ceremony is an intens purification and you'll get out reborn. For us it's a great honor to be your guide

through this proces. After the Inipi we enjoy the food everyone brought in the tradition of Pot Luck.

Woman in the Moon period are asked to follow the Ceremonie outside the Inipi according to the tradition.

We ask you kindly to pay the amount of 45€ upfront.