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Hey thanks for taking a little time to visit our pages in Cyberspace.

We at Nature's Call hold great value in old Cultures, their Art and Visions,

their ancient Knowledge of the strong Healing Powers surrounding us.

The Energies of Mother Earths Creations are crucial for the Spiritual Awareness and Evolution of mankind.

In a time were most of us are disconnected from Nature the possibilities and powers of All Relations

should now be acknowledged and Embraced.

If we can interact with Mother Earth to become a whole, we can truly boost our Spiritual Evolution.

Native Tribes and Shaman all over the World have always felt the strong connection with Nature.

The believe that All is Connected (Mitakuye Oyasin) is an integral part of their life.

When All Relations are Honored as Sacred (Wakan) and when Gratitude is expressed to Every part

of Creation Paradise is near. Natives and Shaman also believe that Animals, Plants and Stones (the Grandfathers)

have great Healing Powers,both practical and Spiritual, these reside in their Totems and Spiritual tools.

After years of Teachings and study the time is here for us at Nature's Call to spread the message,

we've learned that Universal Love is the source of all existance and want to share our skills with the World.

Are you ready to awaken a whole new level of being and clarify your own Soul,

to accelerate your miraculous Power to be the living hand of the Creator.

Live your Sacred purpose and serve the personal & planetary Healing work of All Relations.

Embark on the adventure of living on the Heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The amazing Healing Powers surrounding us will be more clear as you begin to journey with the right keys.

Our Ceremonies, Happenings and Tools can show the way to become a Conscious Dreamer and communicator

with the Creator, the Anscestors, the Guides and Mother Earth.

Building bridges between Cultures is what we try to do, let's learn to walk in Harmony and Beauty as One.


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