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Nature's Call > Explications uk
Nature's Call > Explications uk
Nature's Call > Explications uk

Nature's Call > Explications uk

Buffalo Jaw War Club



This one of a kind real Buffalo Jaw Bone War Club is the same as used by Cheyenne Warriors.

It is hand painted and has a soft Deer hide handle with fringe.

Decorated with Rabbit fur and imitation Eagle feathers,

glass Crow beads are used to give it a real nice look.

Measures 37 cm.


Buffalo Warrior Bowie Knife

Here we have some stunning razor sharp Bowie knives.

These unique pieces have a Buffalo hide sheath,

decorated with a concho, 4 Crow beads in the colors

of the Medicine Wheel, Chevron and Krobo beads.

Soft Deer hide fringe and security wrap with beads.

Knives like this were used by American Indian Warriors

for the Buffalo hunt (Buffalo Skinner).

Attention these are no toys !!

Drop us an email for availability or any requests ...


Power Shield


Ancient Arrowheads were made of Flint - Bone - Horn -

Antler -Shell - Wood - Copper - Obsidian ...

The Art of sculpting a quality Arrowhead was given from

father to son. The Art and Creativity needed to Create

a quality piece is much a deeper Talent and requires years

of practice & patience. A lot of Craftsmanship and Soul

is putted in them. In early days Arrowheads were used for

hunting,  now for many people these are relics and the hunt

is open as their value rise.

These Sculptures are believed to help you Focus on what's

important in Life, giving you a look at what's underneath.

We offer two different kinds of birdpoint pinetree style arrowheads.

On the top picture you see hand cut Flint arrowheads,

colors vary from deep red to nearly black.

Measurements 5 > 6 cm        

In the picture below you see hand cut Obsidian arrowheads

Measurements 3 > 6 cm        

Buffalo bone arrowhead.

Measures 8 cm                    


Every Native American Indian Warrior had is own Power Shield.

His Power or Totem Animal was painted upon for protection.

Pictured is a model with Thunderbird and 4 flashes in the colors

of the Sacred Medicine Wheel.

With Pigeon feathers, Pheasant feathers en wool.

Measurements > 49 cm           Price > 150 €

War Bonnet

War Bonnet Feather Headdress made in the colors of the Medicine Wheel.

Hand crafted with 30/35cm - 12/14" black tipped imitation Eagle Quills,

accented with gold and red Marabou fluff, nice detailed beadwork strip and rossettes.

4 Rabbit fur strips makes it all complete and ready to use.

This item is made to fit both adult male and female heads due to comfortable leather

mold (hat) with adjustable straps.

Each War Bonnet is made in respect of the Ancient Tradition and is one of a kind.