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>Amethyst Quartz Crystal was Praised for its Protecting capacity by the ancient Greeks. In the middle ages it was used for making drinking cups

because it changes color when in contact with some poisons. In the 19 century (Jugendstil, Art Nouveau) it was used for all kinds of jewelry.

It is the Stone of contradiction. Purple stands for Spirituality and Mystic experiences. Amethyst Quartz can give a reliable direction when lots of

different things cross our Path. It Purifies your Body from poison and so helps with any addiction. Amethyst is a good friend when you're overwhelmed

with heavy Emotions. Heals the Hart and Solar Plexus Chakra. Keeping this Stone around helps to enhance your Psychic Abilities and helps to Concentrate.

It is especially useful to keep within your Aura's reach as it absorbs radiation.

>Bear (Mato) embodies self observation, it retires to a cave, the great silence to find answers to all questions.

Many people choose the path of silence and solitudeto find answers, since all the answers can be found within ourselves.

Bear Medicine teaches the importance of self observation to recognize one's wishes

and to recognize the right time to take a step back from the noisy world around us and inside us. For it is in silence that we can hear

the Voice of the Higher Self inside.

>Buffalo (Tatanka) is the most used Totem Animal. It stands for Walking the Sacred Path, Honoring Every Walk of Life. Humble yourself

and ask for assistance of Its Spirit. A Buffalo Totem will help you to establish a Deep Connection with Mother Earth. It will bring Strength

of Character and an Independent Spirit. Buffalo Medicine stands for Affluence, following the easiest Path to achieve Abundance, our Birthright,

if it's Respected and Accepted with Gratitude. It is important to Praise All gifts that are received and also to pray for the Divine Wealth

being granted to others. The Buffalo points out that goals can only be reached with the Power of the Great Spirit. Native American Indians

used every part of the Buffalo.

> Chanunpa  is Wakan, very sacred, and it is used only for prayer and good things. We don’t call this c’anunpa a pipe because in the English language the word, “pipe,” has many different meanings. Steel pipe, lead pipe, plastic pipe, sewer pipe, water pipe, there are many kinds of pipes. The English language has often gotten me into trouble. It is a very dangerous language, like a sponge with too many holes, too many ways to interpret it. It’s easy to get misunderstood. But I want to make it clear. This c’anunpa has this name and this Lakota word, c’anunpa, comes from the Creator. That’s the only name for this sacred object; that alone, nothing else. I’m also not talking about the Sacred White Buffalo Calf C’anunpa which was brought to the Lakota people nineteen generations ago. I’m talking about the red stone c’anunpa which is even older. It is very ancient, from the days of the sacred spotted eagle, wanbli gleska, and it is the oldest c’anunpa we have here. It is the blood of our ancestors, the Lakota. Whenever you see a red stone c’anunpa, it is a Lakota ceremony. By Lakota I mean it is only with the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota [Sioux] Nations. Other American Indian Nations may have their own traditions with prayer pipes or peace pipes or ceremonial pipes which are made of a different stone. But the red stone c’anunpa is Lakota. Today, I must speak about the c’anunpa because now everyone seems to have one. If people are going to have one, they must understand and follow the laws and commitments which accompany the c’anunpa. Unfortunately, many people do not know these things and do not follow what the c’anunpa says. The C’anunpa Way is the Lakota Way. You carry it for the people, to pray for their health and help, to pray for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. It is very wakan, it is very sacred, and it is not for selfish or greedy use. So, we must know our original instructions for the c’anunpa. We have to know them and we have to follow them. There’s a way to carry a c’anunpa and there’s a way not to carry a c’anunpa. A little child should not be given a c’anunpa or carry a c’anunpa. They do not know or understand. Moreover, they themselves are innocent and sacred. Additionally, if a woman is in her time of menstruation, she is going through her own personal purification ceremony and she is in her sacred time. She should not be near a c’anunpa or other sacred ceremony. This is because you do not cross ceremonies; you do not perform two ceremonies at the same time. If you did, they would cancel each other out. As I said, the c’anunpa itself has its Way. Its original instructions were given to us in the days of the winged people by a holy woman sent by Creator. It is the c’anunpa that is going to teach us this Way and it will also bring us back to our own original instructions as humans. It is through the c’anunpa that we are going to survive. But as long as we fail to follow it, that survival will never happen. We’ll end up simply existing in a “guess” world, an uncertain world filled with pain and confusion, that’s all. Yet, if you are not willing to follow the original instructions, then it is better not to carry a c’anunpa at all. It would be better not to accept it in the beginning. Because, once you carry it, you may try to put it down physically but you are always going to be a c’anunpa carrier in the eyes of the Creator, the Four Winds, and Unci Maka, Grandmother Earth. You cannot turn back. It is a lifetime commitment to Creator and it can be very difficult. When you are given a c’anunpa to carry, you are asked these four questions: •You have the c’anunpa and you pray and you think you are safe and that you belong to Creator. But what if a person comes and hits you in the face? What are you going to do? Do you pray? Or do you put the c’anunpa down and start fighting back? If you do that, it means you are weak and cannot carry a c’anunpa. •So you get past that, and you think it’s done, and you are standing right there praying. But what if a dog comes and urinates on your leg? What are you going to do, kick it away? This dog symbolizes other people. So the question really means, you’re praying well and doing things right but people are making fun of you or they intimidate you or they misjudge you or judge you unfairly. Or it means people make fun of your half-side or your children and laugh at you and your family. That’s what it means. What will you do then? •So you think that is all in the past and you’re ok and still standing there praying. But what if somebody came and beat up your loved ones right in front of you? It could be your children or your wife. It could be your dad or some loved one that they beat up right there in front of you. What are you going to do? Are you going to use the c’anunpa to curse them? No. If you do that, you are weak and cannot carry a c’anunpa. •So you think you got past everything and you’re in the clear and you’re still standing there praying. But what if they kill or brutalize one of your loved ones right in front of you? Are you going to quit the c’anunpa and get angry with the Creator? Are you going to leave everything and walk away? If you do, you are weak and cannot carry a c’anunpa. They ask you these four things before you accept the c’anunpa. They tell you all these things and then ask you if you still want to carry a c’anunpa. Four times they will ask you. If you agree all four times, then ok. Then they will say, “You are really unsica, you are a really pitiful human being, but you want to do this.” They will sing an ancient song to you and say, “So now, here is the c’anunpa. Carry this and don’t fool us again. Carry that c’anunpa in a good way. You are now a c’anunpa carrier.” But remember, you carry that c’anunpa for the people, not for yourself. There’s no private c’anunpa. You help pray for the people who need prayers. You are a strong person. Even though you are pitiful, you are also a strong person and that is why you carry this c’anunpa. That is why you need to stand like the buffalo against the snow storm or thunderstorm, with your head into the wind. You do not misuse this c’anunpa in any way or any form. There are seven laws to abide by with the c’anunpa. You must abide by these laws. If somebody doesn’t believe me, hold the c’anunpa bowl, sit someplace by yourself and listen. Then it’s going to repeat these things to you. •When you make the oath and accept the c’anunpa, you have to have a true wounsila, a true compassion. Not from the mind but from your heart, you must have wounsila. •You must act with honor and respect towards your mother and father and all living things. •When you carry a c’anunpa, you also have to have the forgiveness. You have to first forgive yourself for what you did to yourself, not what somebody else did to you. Then you forgive your relatives. Then you forgive the others. •You cannot kill when you carry the c’anunpa. You cannot carry the c’anunpa if you have blood on your hands. That means, you cannot carry the c’anunpa if you murdered somebody in cold blood, if you murdered a defenseless and peaceful human being. Having blood on your hands does not apply to those who must kill as warriors, as soldiers in a war. Killing in war is war and there have been wars throughout history. A soldier is not a murderer. My grandpa always said, “When you are a warrior fighting in a battle, kill your enemy without hating them. That way, if they happen to kill you in the battlefield, your spirit will go into the heavens like an arrow shot into the sky.” •You cannot hate anything or have an angry heart. This also means that you cannot participate in things that create hate like gossip, lies, jealousy, and envy. •You cannot steal or cheat. •You must not use the c’anunpa for selfish, hurtful, or greedy reasons. It all comes down to one little phrase: “Mitakuye oyasin,” we are all One, we are all related in the sacred hoop of life. To have true Mitakuye oyasin, then you must follow these things and carry the c’anunpa in a good way, in the right way. So, whether you are awarded a c’anunpa or the spirits give you a c’anunpa, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has to follow these original instructions, the protocols as they call it. If they do, then the c’anunpa will continue on for the next generation and the generation after that. Ho he’cetu yelo. I have spoken these words. David Swallow, Wowitan Yuha Mani Porcupine, South Dakota - Pine Ridge

>Catlinite/Pipe Stone is the red Sacred Stone traditionaly used for Canunpa (Sacred Pipe) making by American Indians. The stones used for the juwels, Canunpa and tamper

in our store came from a pit at the National Monument and shrine located in Pipestone Minnesota Usa. These Sacred Pipes, tampers and pendants are hand made

by Alan Monroe, an Oglala Lakota artist and fifth generation Canunpa maker living in the Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota.

>Chrysocolla is a stone of peace and tranquility. It is said to use its abilities gradually, allowing your body and mind to heal in a serene piece of mind.

In some Native American cultures, this earth-like stone was used to strengthen the body’s immune system and calm a person when he or she was upset.

Other Properties of Chrysocolla include: promotes level headedness and clear thinking, often used by public speakers to decrease nervousness, placing

Chrysocolla directly on the affected body part is said to help with infections, fever, and cramps, it can lower blood pressure detoxify the liver, helps with

ulcers and arthritis. Chrysocolla is used to enhance intuition and draw unconditional love. Keeping a peace in a romantic location is said to attract your perfect mate.

Some people recommend copper to increase Chrysocolla’s abilities.

>Coral gives extra strength to our Bone structure. Used in a necklace it protects the Thyroid Gland and opens the Heart & Head Chakra's.

It is said to be also a fertility enhancer.Corals are known to be very Soothing and Protective. It's of an organic origin, the skeletal remains

of marine Animals. Colonies of the tiny Creatures buildbranching structures as they grow, gradually forming reefs and atolls.

Often used in combination with Turquoise to Amplify both their Healing Qualities.

>Deer stands for unconditional Love and Kindness. The Force of its Love can Heal wounds of others regardless of how far they have

wandered to the dark side. Deer Medicine points out how important it is to Love others for what they are and accept their weaknesses.

Only the warmth of the Heart can mend strained relationships and Heal old wounds. The Deer Totem also teaches that one should always maintain

a positive attitude and look for the good without letting negative situations or people influence us. If you manage to remain Friendly and Confident

even under the most adverse of circumstances, they will not linger for long and the Path towards Divine Energy will be Cleared.

>Dove symbolizes the Sacred Spiral of death and rebirth. A Dove is also the most used symbol of Peace. Somebody who is Meditating

can establish a direct link to the Creator with the help of the Energy of this bird. Dove Medicine invites you to join it in dancing the dance

of the Sacred Spiral in honor of the Divine Creation. It can help you to recognize how you move through the Spiral and the effect your

movements have. Compare the way in which you guide your Energies with what you would like to achieve.

>dZi beads are very ancient. These Magical carvings provide Energy, Strength and Vitality. It is told that anyone wearing these powerful dZi

will gain benefit, they are worshipped as sign of Prosperity and Longvity. The dZi itself has mythological and legendary powers,

the Vajravarahi Buddha came to relieve the Tibetan native people from misery by dropping magical dZi beads from the sky. Anyone who were

predestinated to obtain them would be relieved from diseases and bad luck. Made of super-grade Natural Agate Chalcedony, the pure dZi

possesses a distinctive magnetic field with powerful Energy, the magnetic field is three times stronger then the normal Quartz Crystals.

It is unclear to many bead scholars the exact origin, why, when or how these carvings are manufactured. The dZi bead is one of the most Treasured

beads in the world today. Among the many myths and legends that follow dZi, the main believe is that the Gods created them, therefore they are

very precious and powerful Talisman. In addition, the rarity of pure dZi makes them as valuable as diamonds in Tibet. They are accepted as payment.

>Eagle personifies the Devine Power. It can rise high in the sky, higher than any other living being, thus comes close to the Great Spirit.

Rising to such heights,he can observe Life in its entirety. The Eagle Totem teaches us to recognize the importance of the Whole pattern in Life,

with its Bright and also dark sides.We should regard both Positive and negative events as experiences that can serve a Higher purpose

and help to develop the Self. Only by examining the strength of Soulcan a person acquire the Power of the Eagle.

The feathers of these Majestic Birds have been used by Shamans since ancient times to Heal the aura.

The Teaching of the Eagle Totem is : defeat your fears and see beyond your horizon, become one with the Element of Air and Fly.

The Very Detailed Silver (925 stamp) Eagle pendant is the Eye-Catching piece in this one of a kind master piece.

>Galaxy Stars Golden Sand Sun Sitara or Goldstone is a sort of Aventurine with atomic isolated Copper that precipitates into small crystalline clusters.

This Precious mineral is believed to have Heavenly power due to it's Copper-sparkling appearance. It helps to achieve Inner Balance.

Gives you a clear inside view of the different Paths to choose from. Sun Sitara brings Confidence and Romance in your Life.

It shines a Light on Life itself. Golden Sand Heals the skin, smoothening the nerves and helps to overcome insomnia.

>Hongshan culture is situated between 4000-2000 BC (Mongolia, Nepal...) Typical are the handcarved amorfe figures oftenly representing visions of

Dragons, Animals, Shaman ... Sometimes in an embrio form. The rock carving work is mostely outstanding and very detailed.

It is believed that in the Hongshan culture, Feng Shui found it's roots.

>Horse shows both Earthly Strength and Unearthly Powers. It's Regarded highly throughout the world and Connected with the Meta-Physical

Powers of Shamans. Because it made life easier It is the first and foremost Totem Animal of civilization. Riding a Horse conveys a sense of Freedom.

Horse Totem teaches us that Power cannot be attend by force, but rather that it is given to him who is Willing to accept Responsibility in a Respectful

manner. Just as the Horse carries Its rider, the rider carries Responsibility for everything around him. The Power of the Horse is the Wisdom

to remember all the steps in one's life and Learn from them. This includes experiences from a Previous Life. Real Power is Strength used

with Wisdom. This requires Love, Compassion and the Willingness to share one's achievements and insights with others. 

Horse Medicine shows us the importance not to let our ego deny us access to It's Great Powers.

>Huayruro seeds are used for their ornamental value in Andean and other Native Tribal ornaments and jewelry.

They are treasured for their Naturally occuring red and black colouring.These seeds are a symbol of Good Luck in the Inca Culture.

If you're looking for something "muy bonita", look no further. This is one of the many treasures of the Amazon Rainforest,

Ormosia Amazonica (Huayruro) has the Dual Power to attract Good Fortune and ward off evil spirits. South American Shamans use Huayruro

in their jewelry to Feed the Mind andProtect it from bad spirits, they attract Prosperity and Abundance.

It is widely used in a variety of accessories for body adornment.

>Kokopelli is a mythical person representing Joy. He is believed to be the first one traveling around to bring Happiness to the world

with his Flute music.In Greek mythology they have a similar God of Joy playing music to the people. For Shamans and Native Indians

it's the symbol of the Healer.This symbol is very often used to decorate all kinds of things as it wants to learn us to play more like the children

and  to bring more Joy and Happiness into the world.

>Labradorite is the Stone that brings Pure Magic into your life, colors appear in a very rich variaty, sometimes the complete Rainbow spectrum

in one single nugget. This Quartz Crystal is used to amplify Intuition and Spiritual Awareness. Believed to be The most protectif Crystal,

it formes a barrier between the Aura and negative influences. Also used to open, cleans and protect the Chacra's.

Asists in making contact with the subconscious.

>Lapis Lazuli was called the Stone of Heaven in the ancient Egyptian Culture. This stone is known to be used since pre-historical times in jewelry

and Ceremonial objects.In castles and churches it is often used to adorn the Altar. Lapis has the Power of the Universal Love.

in ancient times it was the symbol of Eternal Love and Friendship.This Stone helps us to deal with Emotions that stand in the way

of letting Love bloom. Cures loneliness and lost Faith. It shows that everything we find on our Path has a reason.

>Medicine Wheel is Sacred to Native People. The Great Spirit Wakan Tanka caused everything in Nature to be round : the Sun, the Moon,

the Sky, Mother Earth... It also marks the Four Winds that travel the Planet. It's the symbol of All Times throughout Creation. A Medicine Wheel

is an ancient place of Prayer Sacred to Native Americans, symbolizing totality of existence. It's a Sacred space designed to amplify the power

of Prayers and connect with all Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Earth, Moon, Sun, Sky and the Creator. The Medicine Wheel is one of the few

Sacred spaces indigenous to North America. There were once about 20.000 of them, today most have been lost or destroyed. It is representative

of American Indian Spirituality and symbolizes the individual Journey we each must take to find our own Path. At this time on Earth,

lets gather our Medicine for the full flowering of human Consciousness and learn the art of living through the Teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

These Teachings will empower you to live more fully from the Heart.

>Morning Star symbolizes Water-Air-Earth-Fire Energy, the Ancestors, the Sacred Circle and those who are coming.

This symbol is often used in Sweatlodge (Inipi) Ceremonies.

>Obsidian (Lapis Obsidianus) or Volcanic Glass is formed by Magma coming from deep down the Planet. Aztecs and Native Tribes use Obsidian

to create razor sharp tools. They believe it has very strong Protective Power and also used it for jewelry making. Coming straight out of the core

 of Mother Earth Obsidian has the Fire Energy. This Stone has the Power to give a clear inside on obscure causes, inhibitions and hidden emotions.

It helps us to deal with sudden and unexpected changes. Improvisations are often needed and at their best when guided. Obsidian supports this

and keeps our focus clear until the goal is reached. Volcanic Glass helps us with unexpected conflicts, feelings of confusion or problems

with concentration. It Heals the Root Chakra. If water molecules are captured in the magma when flowing into the sea little white stars are formed,

this kind of Obsidian is called Snowflake Obsidian.

>Pheasant  symbolizes the Sacred Spiral of death and rebirth, the never ending tunnel. Many Tribes of the prairies imitate this bird in their dance.

Pheasant Medicine can help to establish a direct link to the Creator in Meditation or during your Journey.

It invites you in dancing the dance of Life in the Sacred Spiral inHonor of All Relations. This Totem can show you the effect of your movements in Life.

Compare the way in which you guide your Energies with what you would like to achieve.

>Quartz Crystal is Praised for its Healing and Protecting capacity. It Aligns the Inner-Self with the Soul and the Cosmos.

Crystal shines a Light in your Life and Consciousness,Gives a Clear Focus, Strength and Perseverance. Quartz is the Stone of Power

and Master Healing, a receptor of Love-Light and Energy. It purifies all your Energy Bodies. This special Stone can give you a detailed Guidance

and Clarity on the next level of Awakening your fullest Divine Potential by activating the sound scape of the Prismatic Fire Light Body

in communion with the Dream of Mother Earth. Keeping this piece around helps to enhance your Psychic Abilities and helps to Concentrate.

It is especially useful to keep within your Aura's reach as it absorbs radiation. These Stones Reinforce the Self-Healing ability of the Body.

Mayans and other Ancient Cultures (Mu, Atlantis...) believed Quartz Crystals have a Memory. That's why their knowledge is preserved in Crystal

Skulls. Native Tribes putted a crystal in the grave of their deceised to guide the Soul into the light.

Quartz Crystals are still used in electronic equipment for its stability in tuning and transmitting.

>Sardonyx boosts your self-consciousness and increases sensitivity in relationships. Very often used to ground and open/cleans the Root Chacra.

Sometimes other Crystal structures appear as bands on the surface of the beads. These combinations amplify the power of the Quartz.

>Tiger Eye stands for courage and patience. You may never have seen one of the big cats stalk its prey, but you've probably seen its small cousins,

the little tigers who grace our homes, in action. They are patient hunters, knowing when to wait and when to leap. This is one of the key characteristic

of Tiger's Eye, a brown-gold stone with rippling bands of light which remind us of a cat's eyes.

In human terms the qualities of patience and timing relate to our ability to create what we want for our lives. The color gold represents the ability to manifest,

while the dark brown corresponds to the energies of the eaEarth. Tiger Eye can help us to translate our ideas into physical reality.

Specifically, this stone helps us to have more confidence in our ability to realize our dreams by assisting in recognizing the inner resources.

In meditation this stone is most commonly placed on the navel center (whose colors are yellow and gold), but it can also be placed by the feet

or at the base of the torso. This is especially helpful if you're feeling drained or unfocused. You can also hold it for the purpose of focus and grounding.

A wonderful Stone to gaze at. Hold and move it, watching the shifting patterns of light. In so doing you may come to appreciate the message of Tigers Eye :

that the physical plane has been designed as a playground where our Spirits can materialize our dreams easily and joyfully

as a cat changes the appearance of its eyes.

>Turquoise protects against negativity and vulnerability. It stands for the Elements Air & Water. Strong Healing Quality,

it represents the Power and Beauty of Mother Earth.These Stones are a secondary Mineral deposited from circulating Water. Natives Americans - Turks -

Aztecs - Arabs ... believed it made them invincible for the enemy as it is full of Cosmic Energy. Ancient Manuscripts report that the Health of a person

wearing Turquoise can be Assessed by variations in the color of the Stone and was also believed to bring Prosperity.

It's an important ornamental Mineral for jewelry and Adorned the Ceremonial dresses of most Native Tribes. This Gemstone Guards against lots of

diseases and Assists in Tissue Regeneration, it Attracts the Healing Spirits. Turquoise is the ultimate Meditation Stone.Turquoise is also believed

to bring Good Fortune and Strength.It's got it's name from Levantine traders called Turks.

The Natural variations that occur are part of their appeal and Natural Beauty.

>Whale is the keeper of the Secrets and History of Mother Earth. It keeps alive the memory of the legendary Motherland Mu.

The Whale Totem stands for perception and can link to the information that exists in the Universe. Whales have telepathic Powers.

Whale Medicine teaches one to find and blend with one's own original Sound, because it carries the history of all our Ancestors.

Healing is reached on the right frequency, the Whale helps us to connect with the Ancient Language that was used before language

in its current way was developed.