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Johan is the founder of Nature's Call(ing). He is honored to have received already

lots of Teachings throughout the years. 25 years of Martial Arts experience

(Jiu Jitsu, Kyokushin Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi...) gave him a lot of insights

about Buddhism, Taoïsm, Body and Mind Harmonisation... Hinduïsm gave him the knowledge

of Ayurveda, the 3000+ years old wisdom of a healthy long life in Harmony with our Dosha (Constitution). Teachings and Ceremonies with Mama Bernardo Moscote & Mama Juan

(Kogi, Colombia), Kajuyali Tsamani (Nabi Nunhue-the House of the Jaguar, Colombia), Doña Maria Toiquema (Uitoto, Amazon basin) and Don Toño (Huicholes Mexico), brought him in contact with traditional Shamanism and made him a Messenger. Receiving the Munay-Ki and Nusta Karpay, initiating rites of the Inca Shaman, made it all complete. The Ceremonies and long talks with Tunka Hota Winyan, Grandfather Iktomicha, Wakia Un Manee, Carlos Sauer etc. planted the Seed of Native Indian Spirituality. The Honor to be Ambassador and Dancer for the Ojibwe Sundance, was a Crown on this Path. These Teachings, Rituals and Ceremonies are now available for you. As the group of people responding to Nature's Call grows, the range of opportunities we can offer gets wider. Our goal is to build Bridges between Cultures (fulfill the Eagle and Condor Prophecy),

spread the message of Feeling Good by walking in Peace and Harmony.