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Rattles & Maracas



Hand made and hand painted Maracas,

made of Coconut and Bamboo.

Measures +- 30cm / 12inch

Buffalo horn rattle with                            Raw hide rattle with hand painted Medicine

hand painted Medicine Wheel                   Wheel, representing the Four Directions.

Measures +- 20cm / 8inch.                         Measures 30cm / 12inch.                   

Rawhide rattles with Buffalo hair string & feathers 

Different shapes, painted designs and decorations ...

Custom made on your request ...

Measures 20 > 40cm                      

Colorfull hand carved and painted Kalabas - Gourd Maracas.

Measures 15 > 30cm. 

Unique large Turtle Shell rattles.

Decorated with fur, stones, beads,

paintings, leather fringe and handle.

Authentic & original Shipibo style Ceremonial Maracas.

The Shipibo-Conibo population consists of about 35.000 people

living in between 300 to 400 villages located near the town of Pucalllpa

which is on the Ucayali River in Peru.

The Shipibo are noted for a rich and complex cosmology,

which is tied directly to the art and artifacts they produce.

Most of the patterns are said to be song lines about their past

and often induced by a trance state of mind during Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Measure +- 22cm/8,5inch

One of the Shaman's tools is the Waira Sacha.

This Ceremonial leaf fan is used for clearing

energy and keeping rhythm during songs by

imitating the sound of the wind. The name means

"the wind's brush" in the Quechua language.

Colorfull Maracas with Bird design.

Hand made of a gourd and filled with beans.

Used in Sound Healing and Shamanic Ceremonies

to call back the Spirit.

Measurements +- 25cm.

Deer paw with Buffalo rawhide and sinew.

Painted Medicine Wheel designs.

Filled with small Stones or Corn.

Measurements +- 20cm.


Wooden handle with rawhide and sinew.

Painted Medicine Wheel design.

Measurements +- 20cm.