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These Rattles or Prayer Sticks are made of rawhide

and a fallen branch, they are the same style as used in Navajo Ceremonial Dance.

 These Rattles are Unique Spiritual Tools.

These Instruments are used in Healing and other Ceremonies to call the Spirits

 and to Guide ourself in a Shamanic Journey or Dreamtime Healing.

 The monotoon frequency helps Meditation, Spiritual Development,  Self-Esteem

and Cheerfulness. It gives a Powerful alignment with the Inner-Self.

The start of fresh beginnings and a key to closer contact with Mother Earth

 and the other Dimensions. The Rattles carry the Energy, Strength and Wisdom

of Their Shamanic creator. They have a Primordial and Transcendental sound quality, penetrating to the very Heart and Soul. It's a Unique Gift to Treasure for years to come. The Perfect Tool for your Spiritual Journeys, Healing Sessions or Sound Meditations,

as they can guide you on your Path.

The Natural tanned skin with it's pigmentation & shadings allows purification and celebrates the Animals that made these Rattles possible, in it's Natural Beauty & Untouched Pure form they shine through and ask to be enjoyed as they leads you to the Other Dimensions.

Playing these Rattles on the same frequency for some time can bring you in the Alpha State of Consciousness where the Shamans make contact with the Ancestors, Totem Animals

 and Guides.  These one of a kind Rattles unite some strong Totems.

The Tools to create these Rattles are provided by Nature and brought together by man, guided by the Ancestors and Spirits.