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The Traditional Native American Indian Ceremonial Flute

was given to the People to Honor All that is Sacred (Wakan)

 on Mother Earth and Above.

Its Voice guides the Ancestors and Spirits to its surrounding

for Smoothening the Mind and bringing Relaxation and Peace to the listener.

The Warm Tones appeal to the very Soul.

It's a Healing Instrument used to convey Emotions.

The Sounds remove the barrier that separates us from both Past and Future.

It really Invokes a Sense of Timelessness.                                

Playing these Flutes is a Truly Spiritual Experience.

This Instrument has a Primordial and Transcendental quality,

 penetrating and Healing the Heart.

This Healing Tool is a Powerful Icon representing the very Spirit of All Nations.

 The Sacred Flute was played in a gesture of Peace, Friendship and Honesty.

The American Native Flute is still often used in Traditional Ceremonies,

Guided Meditation, Sound Relaxation, Dreamtime Healing and other Gatherings.