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These Drums are genuine premium quality thick Natural tanned

Raw Hide with a multi-layered plied Birch Wood frame, oil finished with

bio Almond oil (& Herbs) to protect the skin and reveal the Beauty of the

Wood structure. Most are laced with Hemp cord for extra strength during Inipi

(Sweatlodge) Ceremonies. The handle is made of wood, decorated with a Turquoise Healing

Stone and a hand painted Sacred Medicine Wheel. This is set in an Iron (Mineral) Circle

wrapped in Cotton (Plants) and sealed with Bees (Animals) wax. Comes with a free Soft Deer Hide

drum stick, decorated with Fire symbols.The Drums are Blessed, Smudged, Offered to the Four

Directions and the Spirits.These Instruments carry the Energy, Strength and Wisdom of their Shamanic

creator. They have a Primordial and Transcendental sound quality, penetrating to the very Heart and Soul.

It's a Unique Gift to Treasure for years to come. The Perfect Tool for a Shamanic Journey,

Dreamtime Healing or Sound Meditation, as it leads you on your Spiritual Path. The Natural tanned skin

with it's pigmentation & shadings allows purification and celebrates the Animals that made these Drums

possible, in Their Natural Beauty & Untouched Pure form They shine through and ask to be enjoyed as They lead

you to the Other Dimensions. These are fully playable Power Tools. These Drums are round because in

Traditional Native Believe all happens in the Sacred Circle Circle. Playing approximately 3-4 times a second

these Drums can bring you in the Alpha State of Consciousness where Shamans make contact with the Ancestors,

Totem-Power Animals, Guides... Native American Indians and Shamans all over the world have always felt a

Special Connection with Nature. They believe that Animals and Stones have Great Powers, both Practical and

Spiritual, these reside in their Totems. All these Drums have some Powerful Totems : a Turquoise Stone,

a string of Horse Hair and a string of Buffalo Hair (with Feathers), the Sacred Animals of the Native

Indians. So if one of these Healing Instruments is calling you, I'll release It with all the Love & Respect

It has in It. These Instruments are Prayer Tool and Keys through which Healing processes are

initiated. In Traditional Native Believe These are Living Beings, the Spirits of the Animals &

Trees of which these one of a kind Drums are made are Strongly Alive in Them, it is a

life-long relationship. Drumming can provide Healing, relief from anger, courage on your

Path, a single Heartbeat of Mother Earth restoring Balance and Harmony,

for yourself and your surrounding.

Watanhotanyapi Etaha Akinsi Iyece Ca Niye

(May the Music Heal you)

Please check out the positive testimonials of Happy People drumming with Nature's Call Instruments all over the World