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Double or Drone Flutes

These Wind Instruments have two chambers, most have one playable side and one in a constant tone.

One side can act as drone for the other side, or the two sides can move together in harmony,

or you can have two different rhythms going between the two sides and sound like you are playing two flutes.

The bonus is that it is easy to play. The pentatonic scale insures that every combination of notes sounds good.

The Drone pipe adds so much drama to these unique Flutes.

These Instruments are great for the novice and more experienced players.

Tuned to a pentatonic scale these Creations are fairly easy to play and no previous musical experience is necessary.

Goose bumps is what you'll get by listening to the voice of these breathtaking pieces.     

All waiting to be adopted by a Loving Soul mate            

Please send us an email for availability or any request ...

Hand made protection bags for your Native Instrument.

Different designs made of fleece, cotton, buckskin ....

Customized creations possible on demand.


Native American style Cedar 5 hole Drone Flute.

Aromatic red Cedar treated with Bees wax.

Tuned to #F with a sweat soft voice, measures 55cm.

Decorated with an Agathe arrow head and Sinew.

Handpainted Medicine Wheel symbol and leather straps with beads.

Native American style Wolf head Cedar 5 hole Drone Flute.

Aromatic Red Cedar with delicately carved Cedar Wolf head.

Amazing Wind Instrument decorated with Fur, Deer hide straps,

Turkey Feathers wrapped in Buffalo hair and beads.

The finger holes are on both sides of the body (both pipes),

giving you a lot of possibilities and an endless exploration journey.

Tuned to #F, measures 56cm.

Native American style 6 hole Pine Drone Flute.

Tuned to #F, measures 53cm.

Hand painted Medicine Wheel symbol with Feathers.

Leather strap with Feathers wrapped in Buffalo hair and beads.

Traditional Native American style River Cane split Drone Flute.

Hand painted Medicine Wheel symbol and leather straps.

Tuned in # high D, measures 38cm.