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Animal Hides



Sometimes we can offer you Buffalo hides.

Perfect in front of your fire place or in a mountain man decor.

A once in a lifetime chance to have your own Buffalo at home.

You can feel the amazing power of this Animal when you're in close contact.

Wrap yourself in this unique hide and you'll know why the Buffalo (Tatanka)

is the most important Totem Animal in Native American culture ...

These is a real authentic American Buffalo !!

Drop us an email for availability ...

These are first quality ecologicaly tanned thick (1mm) Calf hides.

They are not soft, but just perfect for making Drums or other tools.

These hides are made from the neck part because this is

the strongest piece of the Animal skin.

Colors vary from gold to cream.

Every hide is unique, so you'll get one resembling the ones pictured.

These skins are much thicker (x3) then the Goat, Deer, Pig or Sheep hides

sold for making Drums or Power Shields, so quality guaranteed...

Approximate measurements (top hide in the picture) 120x 110cm

Price > 125 €


Gorgeous Fallow Deer skins, ecologicaly soft (!!) tanned.

Bring the loving eneregy of the Deer into your home.

Perfect as Altar piece, carpet, wall hanging, table cover ...

It's almost like if Stars are covering these hides.

Approximate measurements 120 x 80 cm 

Drop us an email for availability ...


Ecologicaly soft tanned (!!) white Sheep skins.

Wouldn't we all like to lay down on a soft an fluffy skin like this ?

Perfect in a seat or couch, in your bed or car,

or in front of that fire place ...

Approximate measurements 110 x 65 cm 

Drop us an email for availability ...


Unique and absolutely exclusive, Dutch (Drente Haith) longhair Sheep

traditionaly soft tanned with Mimosa and Oak bark !

Often used to make coats for Siberian conditions.

Approximate measurements 110 x 65 cm 

Drop us an email for availability ...