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Dreamcatchers & others




It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch your dreams in the night.

The bad spirit dreams will get caught in the web and disappear with the morning sun.

Dreamcatcher 5 discs model.

1 x 22 cm     1 x 9 cm    3 x 6 cm

Available in blue, brown, turquoise, black and orange.


The picture on the right side shows one of our smaller models.

1 disc of 9 cm.

Available in turquoise, blue, white, red and black.

Other measurements available.

One Family - Stone Circle of Friends

Hand crafted terracotta Circle with an eye for details.

This art work symbolises the Universal United Human Family,

gathered around a fire place.

Used as incense burner or candle holder it lights up any environment.

Measurements : 12cm > 25cm

             Price :  20€ > 60€


Mini Powwow Drums made of Birch Wood, double sided rawhide strung with sinew.

Completely hand made and decorated with a painted Medicine Wheel symbol.

A sinew loop (with key ring) can be used to hang these little beauties or use them as key chain,

adorned with a glass Chevron bead and Huyaruro (Protection) seed.

Perfect to show your connection with the Earth Keapers all over the Planet.

Measurements : drum = 5 cm

             Price :  10€


Porcupine Quilling is an ancient Native American Art used particularly among

East Coast and Plains Tribes. Indian Quillwork involved softening and dying stiff Porcupine quills and weaving them onto leather or birchbark.

The most stunning examples of Porcupine quill artistry were the Plains Indian war shirts, each of which would take a skilled quillworker more than a year to embroider. Today, Native American quillwork embroidery is nearly a lost Art because Porcupine quills are very difficult to work with.

Pictured are Quilled Medicine Wheels and Turtles,

measurements : +- 5cm              Price :  25€ > 30€