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XL Pendleton Beaver State

Woolen Blankets, robes and shawls.

L Native American Fleece Saddle Blankets.

Native American Indian style textiles (cotton) for any crafts.

Made after ancient designs and

often used as Altar cloth/cover.

Different measurements available.


Exclusive Chief Joseph design

Native American textile.

It represents the Chevron beads

used for fur trading.

Nice vibrant and matching colors.

Available per meter x


Poncho's ...

The Alpaca Wool is a product of ancient Andean civilizations,

when 6.000 years ago it had already evolved from the Vicuña to produce a unique fibre. Alpaca fibre has worldwide renown for its luxurious quality.

This fibre is fine, strong (second to silk among natural fibres), very warm,

comfortable and with the lightness of a feather.

Alpaca is considered a specialty fiber because less is produced each year.

Sometimes we can offer you some nice examples ...