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Quartz is often said to be the Stone that every one needs to start with

and is the most recognized type of Crystal.

It's what many people think of when they hear the word Crystal,

although there are actually many different types of Crystals

in all kinds of Stones.

Quartz can be as clear as ice (Ancients called quartz ‘Holy Ice’

and thought that it came from the heavens) or milky white.

It can have inclusions, veils, bubbles, formations, rainbows etc...

Clarity is not important for a Quartz Crystal's Energetic Quality.

In fact inclusions and impurities can make the Crystal more Energetic

and increase it’s ability to hold and then amplify subtle Energies. 

Without a few 'imperfections', the Energy is often not as intense.

Lab Crystals are grown with impurities on purpose.

Quartz can store Energy, amplify it, focus it, transmit it, transform it,

balance it, absorb it

Various types are better for some things than others.

Quartz in any form is a powerful Stone. 

Quartz is used to dispel and clear negative energies.

Quartz has long been used to direct and amplify thoughts and intentions,

because all thoughts are a form of Energy and intentions shape

and effect subtle Energy. Because of this, it is useful for Healing work,

Meditation, Protection, Manifesting and Channeling.

Quartz has long been thought to store and retrieve information of all types. Information is just another form of an Energy pattern.

Quartz is held on the Third Eye Chakra for increased clarity of psychic

vision, and has often been used to perceive and commune with Spirits and

Other Worlds, often used for Astral Travel, Scrying, Channeling,

Dream Recall and Dream Work.

Quartz has long been thought to counteract black magic and

protect from negative energy on all levels.

In Crystal Healing, Quartz is said to be effective for chronic fatigue,

arthritis, depression, bone ailments and gastrointestinal troubles.

It is also used to improve mental and physical stamina. 

Clear Quartz is associated with the Crown Chakra,

but is also effectively used to  Energize all of the Chakras.

This is just an overview of Quartz Crystals.

Price depending on weight. Please drop us an email with your request !

Quartz Rock Crystal

Rose Quartz

Polished Lava

Rose Quartz

Labradorite Quartz

Amethyst Quartz

Quartz Rock Crystal

Tigers Eye Quartz

Native legends speak of Crystal Skulls as an inheritance from Ancient Times

Said to “talk and sing” they are believed to carry messages for all mankind,

including what may be discovered when we overcome our fear of death.

The first layer you encounter when working with any Skull, including Synergy,

is "to remember".  This first layer has many other layers within it. 

What you are to called to remember is who you really are.

It's so easy to get caught up in the daily things and forget

that each life is short and sweet, even with the difficulties.

The real you is a Being of Light !!!!

You are a Spiritual Being, inside of a physical body.

Remember ...

Crystal skulls are Tools of Awareness and they can:

        *  Focus Energy

        *  Reflect Energy

        *  Attune Energy

        *  Transmit Energy

        *  Transform Energy

        *  Store Energy

        *  Amplify Energy

Since many centuries Shamans and Ancient Cultures worked

with Crystal Skulls. It is told that the old civilizations

(Mu, Atlantis, Maya...) putted their Wisdom in 13 Crystal Skulls.

Some of them are already discovered and like the Skull "Synergy"

they can interact with new Skulls to charge and attune them to

the same Energy level.

Sometimes we have some nice models to offer.

The Quartz Rock Crystal Heart is a symbol for the Universal Love.

The Unconditional Love of Pacha Mama and All Related.

It also stands for the Fire-Light Body or Godly Flame each of us carries.

Like many other Crystals the Quartz Rock Crystal Heart is used to progam, amplify, transform ...

In Feng Shui the Crystal Heart is used to ward off bad spirits.


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Quartz Rock Crystal Point

Obsidian Quartz

Quartz Rock Crystal with Mica

Quartz Rock Crystal healing-massage wand

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