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The Moqui Marbles or Shaman Stones are Hematite concretions formed underground when

Minerals precipitated from flowing Water, formed circa 25 million years ago.

These Hematite-Pyrite balls are mostly found in the regions of southern Utah National Parks.

These Stones were also discovered on Mars !!

After the Utah concretions formed in groundwater, the surrounding Navajo sandstone landscape

slowly eroded away, so the hard erosion resistant Moqui Marbles accumulated on the ground.

The Hopi Indians have always seen them as Sacred Stones given by the Ancestors.

In the Hopi language the word "Moqui" means "dearly Departed one".

Pyrite Heals and Balances the Chakra's, stimulates de flow of Chi.

Some say you need to use Them in pairs, the Female Stone Amplifies the Male one.

Working with two Moquis will able you to use Them as Acupressure Stones,

put the Minerals on each side of the body part that needs Healing.

These are very Powerful  Healing Power Stones to be Treasured for years to come.

Smudged, Offered to the Four Directions and the Spirits.

For Native American Indians these Stones carry the Energy and Wisdom of the Grandfathers (Stone People).

Threat these Sacred Stones with Love and the Moqui will return it when you need it most.


Moqui Marbles

Obsidian Apache Tears

About 75 Apaches and the US Calvary squared off against each other in battle on a mountain overlooking

what is now Superior, Arizona in the 1870's. Rather than face defeat, the outnumbered Apache warriors

rode their horses off the mountain to their deaths.

The families of the warriors cried when they learned of the tragedy. Their tears turned into Stone

upon hitting the ground. Today these beautiful translucent gemstones are known as Apache Tears Good Luck Stones.

"To give a friend or loved one an Apache Tears Good Luck Stone is to give them Good Luck to carry with them forever."

To us it's just a stone, but to the Ancient Ones it's a frozen tear, lost in the sands of time. 

Giving one to a friend unlocks their tears and allows Good Luck to flow, as it frees their Spirit from Mother Earth !

Since Superior, Arizona is located in the foothills of Apache Leap Mountain, one of the town's special attractions

is Apache Tears Good Luck Stones... This semi-precious gemstone is a Merikanite Obsidian, nature's vulcanic glass

in rounded shapes from pea size to softball size.

Found only near Superior, Arizona USA, its smoky brown hue is semi-transparent.


Pi Stones

Pi Stones represent the Luminous Energy Field and the geometric shape called a Torus.

In many ancient cultures these "donut shaped" Stones were used as Star Gate and Energy Key.

These are powerful tools in learning and Healing depending on the material of the Stone.

Used to transmit Munay Ki Rites during the Inca Shaman initiation.


Chumpi Khuyas - Stones

Chumpi Khuyas are carriers of Sacred Energy.

They are connected to the Apus (Sacred Mountains) of Peru and have been used in Shamanic Ceremonies, especially during the Nusta Karpay Initiations,

in the Andes Mountains for centuries. Each Mountain is called by name for assistance in Ceremonies. The seven Sacred Mountains are Apu Kuntur, Apu Machupicchu, Apu Sacsayhuaman, Apu Salkantay, Apu Pachatusuan, Apu Pumahuanca and Apu Senccapicol. The Stones are usually gathered from the Urubamba River area and hand carved.  They are used by the Q'ero peoples of the high Andes and Shamanic practioners to convey Bands of Power and other Rites of their lineage. The Khuyas carry the Energy of Sun, Moon, Condor, Hummingbird, Jaguar, Anaconda and Coca.