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Tibetan Singing Bowls



We tend to avoid specific dating these types of Bowls. Some of these Bowls date back to the late 18th century. Dating Bowls is a tricky business, since their form varies but little over long expanses of time and their condition depends so much upon individual conditions of storage and use.

They should be viewed as cultural artifacts of artistic merit, and viewed this way, age is of but secondary importance. These Bowls are old and come unpolished in their original form with superb hammer marks visible and a great smooth patina !!!

They were used in Tibetan Buddhist mediation over the years. Each Bowl is hand selected for its tone, size,

and quality. They have a wonderful voice that carries for a very long time.

The multi-layered tone of these Bowls lasts as long as 2 minutes !!!

Singing Bowls were brought to Tibet from India along with the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Most people use these Bowls for Buddhist Spiritual meditation or to create a great art or conversation piece. Hand made in a wonderful combination of 7 different metals which create 7 different distinct tones.

According to tradition, the seven metals correspond with each of the Planets, gold for the Sun, silver for

the Moon, Mercury for well being, Copper for Venus, iron for Mars, tin for Jupiter, and lead for Saturn.

Shamans started to use them in Tibet over 1000 years ago.

The process of making them, as well as the methods of using them were a well kept secret.

Western people are starting to find these secrets by experimenting with the Bowls in the areas of healing, meditation, music and purifying negative impulses.

Since Tibetan Singing Bowls have a very mysterious history it is sometimes hard to find information about them, in fact there is literally no mention of them in the Tibetan Buddhist canon.

They can be found in both monasteries and homes, but when questioned about there existence vague answers are usually given. It has been rumored that it is forbidden for Monks to speak about the Singing Bowls.

Some say that the bowls are used by high Lamas in secret Rituals, which gives them the ability to travel to different Realms and Dimensions.

In the end one thing remains certain, that Singing Bowls are a very powerful Spiritual tools.

In addition to their traditional usage for Meditation, Tibetan Singing Bowls are used for Relaxation,

Stress Reduction, Meditation, Healing, and Reiki.

The Bowls are priced based on weight, size, and condition.

The larger or heavier the Bowl, the higher the price.

Also, please note that all of these Bowls are left in their original imported condition.

Each Bowl includes all 7 metals, is hand hammered, very old, and only made with native metals of the Himalayas.

If your looking for a special size or weight please drop me an e-mail.  

 Example large Bowls


Example small or palm Bowls


Dorje - Thunderbold of Enlightenment

Symbolically a Dorje represents the "Thunderbolt of Enlightenment", that abrupt change in

Human Consciousness which is recognised by all the great religions as a pivotal episode

in the lives of Mystics and Saints. The Dorje, or Thunderbolt, is a ritual objects in Tibetan Buddhism

often used during religious Ceremonies. It represents Union of Wisdom and Method, or the attainment of Enlightenment. The transformative Enlightenment experience is recounted in the various religions

In the Christian tradition, the conversion of Saul of Tarsus is a well known example and that of Muhammed on the mountain is fundamental to Moslem belief. For Buddhists, it is what occurred to the historical Buddha and to all those who experience Kensho-Satori, the dropping away of "Self" The Tibetans call this "the Great Death" to distinguish it from that physical one which will be the experience of us all.

Dorje are also used for Meditation, Healing work, Empowerment, or Altar pieces. Measurements > +- 8 - 16cm