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Thunder Box - Tube

Thunder Tube or Drum (Percussion) Box.

Hand made and decorated with tribal Dot Paint.

Hold it with the spring hanging down and shake from side to side

to hear the sound of rolling thunder. It's amazing !!!

Measures +- 26cm (without spring)        



This is the real stuff,

hand carved from one piece of solid wood.

These instruments are unique and amazing,

they simply ask to be played.

Different sizes available.

Let yourself drift away on the sound of the waves.

These Ocean Drums are perfect to simulate the Sea.

Goat hide with painted Dolphins on both sides or blank.

Size > 39 cm.

Conch (Triton) Trumpet Shells are used in many cultures

during Ceremonies to call the Spirits and Elements.

These are real Wonders of Nature (20 > 30cm).

The blow hole is already made, they are ready to start ...


Conch Trumpet Shell

Handmade Hardwood Didge

Tribal Dotpaint

150 cm

Handmade Cactus & Bamboo Raintstick examples.

Rain sound imitating, different decoration styles.

30 > 150cm

Bull Roarer - Turndun

This is an ancient Ceremonial musical instrument and a device historically used for communicating over greatly extended distances. It dates to the Paleolithic period (17.000 BC). They are found in Europe - Asia - the Indian sub-continent - Africa - the Americas and Australia. Many Tribes use these wind instruments to

call the Ancestors during Ceremonies.

Turndun = +- 15cm        


Ocean Drum