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Shaman Bone Flute

This is a Handsomely carved 4 hole Bone Flute from the highlands of Peru,

a piece of Inca (Quechuan) Craftsmanship.

This Shaman Flute is delicately carved from a Llama Bone.

Shamans use these Treasures to call the Spirits for Religious Ceremonies.

It takes some practice to play these Healing Instruments.

The eye-catching piece is at the end of the Instrument,

displaying a Sacred Figure playing a Flute.

A Fine collectors piece or a Great addition for any musician.

This Wonderful, one of a kind Flute is provided by Nature and hand shaped

by it's Traditional Native Creator in Love & Respect,

Guided by the Ancestors and Spirits.

It is Blessed, Smudged, Offered to the Four Directions, the Grandfathers and the Spirits. Measures 27cm.                                 Price > 80 €

Another Andes Treasure.

Detailed carved Llama Bone Flute,

same specification as the one above but larger and different carving work.

Measures 34cm.                                 Price > 115 €