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Native Beadwork

Handmade glas beadwork with Thunderbird symbol.

Measures > 10inch x 1,3inch = 25cm x 3cm            

Handmade glas beadwork.

Measures > 10inch x 1,3inch = 25cm x 3cm           

Handmade glas beadwork.

Measures > 10inch x 1,3inch = 25cm x 3cm         

Handmade glas beadwork.

Measures > 19,7inch x 1,6inch = 50cm x 4cm            

Handmade glas beadwork roset with feather motive.

Measures > 2,7inch = 7cm           

Handmade glas beadwork head-hat band with Thunderbird motive.

Measures > inch = cm                    

These beautifully crafted Huichol Turtles using the traditional Nierika Art are very representative of the Huichol culture. One is nicely adorned with a Hikuli or Peyote in the center, the other with a Deer. TheTurtle body is made of wood and beeswax is used to attach the intricate bead work. Peyote is considered a sacred cactus and symbolizes the heart of the Maxa or Deer, which is always present in Rituals and Celebrations.

The Huichol indigenous people are famous for their strong Ceremonial tradition, rich pantheon and incredible visionary artwork. The Huichol Indians of west central Mexico have their homeland in the ravines of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains. Today, Huichol communities can be found in the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Durango and Zacatecas. Huichol are a Spiritual people whose Ceremonies and Rituals form the center core of their lives. It is the Otherworldly Visions, which inspires Shaman-artists to create the beautiful works of Nierika Art in both bead and yarn using vibrant colors.

The turtles are 5,9inch long or 15cm and 4,1inch or 12cm wide.


American Indians are well known artists in glass Beadwork.

We offer bracelets in both North and South American tradition.

Intricate patterns and colors make every Creation an unique piece.

Made by Lakota - Shipibo - Colombian Artists.

Different designs and systems available.

Price > 20 > 40€